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    July 19, 2024
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    Weingarten Rights

    Know Your Rights!
    "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union representative, officer, or steward be present at this meeting.    

    Without Union representation, I choose not to answer questions.   




    When management begins to ask you questions that could lead to you being disciplined, you don’t have to face it alone.  If you have a reasonable belief that answers you give could be used by the supervisor to discipline you, the United States Supreme Court says you can refuse to answer any questions until a union representative is on the scene and has had a chance to talk things over with you first.  It is your right to have the union representative present during the questioning to advise you, ask supervisors for clarifications, and provide additional information at the end of the session.  The employee subject to the interview must reasonably believe that the investigatory interview will result in disciplinary action.  A meeting called by the employer for the purpose of imposing discipline, is not an interview subject to Weingarten Rights.


    ATU Weekly Dispatch March 23, 2018
    Mar 24, 2018

    "When it comes to self-driving vehicles, states and the federal government are turning their backs on regulations and issuing a rubber stamp for autonomous vehicles without regard to the safety of the public,” said ATU International President Larry Hanley in reaction to a pedestrian being killed by a self-driving Uber car in Phoenix, AZ this week. “Allowing experimental self-driving technology to be tested on city streets is reckless and dangerous and not the answer for ending traffic fatalities. We need to quit using the public as the crash-test dummies.” Hanley called for a rewriting of a proposed Senate bill, which would regulate autonomous vehicle testing. “The bottom line is protect people before profit. It’s time to put the brakes on autonomous vehicles,” Hanley said. Read more.

    Worcester Local, allies to demand better funding for transit

    Chanting “no more cuts” and “save our buses,” a crowd of about 100 bus riders, drivers, politicians, and community activists rallied outside Worcester City Hall in support of increased funding for regional transit authorities across Massachusetts and in opposition to proposed cuts at the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA). The agency faces a $900,000 shortfall next year and has proposed service cuts and eliminating weekend service. “Taking a bus is not a luxury. Taking a van is not a privilege,” said Local 22-Worcester, MA, Business Agent Ken Kephart, who attended the rally with his members. “Transportation ... is a basic human right.” Watch video.

    Local 113 member on the perils of privatization

    At a public hearing on SmartTrack, a proposed Regional Express Rail, a Local 113-Toronto, ON member educated the attendees on the perils of P3s - public-private partnerships. He spoke passionately about how Metrolinx is using P3s to build transit lines and then allowing private companies to operate and maintain them. He also described how via SmartTrack Toronto taxpayers are paying for people in the 905 region to ride Toronto public transit essentially for free. Watch video.

    Asleep at the Wheel

    A close call involving Greyhound passengers forcing their bus driver who was falling asleep to stop driving highlights why it’s time to address bus driver fatigue to protect bus drivers and passengers. “This driver was pinching her cheeks with tweezers just to stay awake behind the wheel. It’s Congress, federal officials, and bus companies who are asleep at the wheel in their continued failure to address the root cause of these fatal bus crashes – driver fatigue,” says International President Larry Hanley. “We need serious federal regulation of this critical, safety sensitive industry or there will be carnage on our nation’s highways.” Hanley called for passage of the Driver Fatigue Prevention Act, introduced by Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA, in the Senate and in the House by Rep. Jackie Speier, D-CA. This bill would ensure that overtime provisions in the FLSA are extended to cover drivers of over-the-road buses. Read more.

    Millennials, white-collar workers bringing new life to unions

    The ranks of organized labor have been shrinking for decades, and the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Janus involving public-sector unions collecting fees from nonmembers could be another setback. But the movement has seen new energy with increased public support for unions and membership gains among unexpected workers. Millennials and professionals – doctors, lawyers, and other white-collar workers - are invigorating the labor movement bringing new energy. Last year, a third of the new union members were in professional or technical occupations, mostly in the public sector and more than three-quarters were under the age of 35. Why? Workers are banding together and standing up against management as part-time and contract work grows, automation amps up, and wages aren’t increasing. Read more.

    NYC Locals call for critical improvements to NYC public transit

    Investing in public transit is key to growth in the economy and job creation, Local 1056-Flushing, NY, and Local 1179-New York, NY, testified at a recent public hearing on the MTA budget. “Too often policymakers and advocates ignore bus public transit; instead they talk up ferries, more rail and subways, light rail and, inexplicably, a trolley,” the Locals testified. “We need to end this impractical mindset and commit to expand bus service.” The Locals pointed out that a recent “NYC Bus Coalition” report on improving bus service in the city centered on the recommendations the Locals have made. Read more.

    Video: The Question of Privatization

    Across the country, city governments are looking at outsourcing public services - including public transit - to private companies claiming it saves money. We all know that is a farce. A new video explores how this is happening in our nation’s capital as the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) is looking at what to do with the D.C. Circulator, a bus line currently "managed" by First Transit, a company with a poor track record. This video exposes the truth about how these private for profit contractors exploit skilled workers and slash their wages, leaving many to apply for public assistance to be able to provide for their families. Watch video.

    If you would like to download a PDF version of this ATU Dispatch please Click HERE.

    ATU Weekly Dispatch March 16, 2018
    Mar 24, 2018

    If you missed International President Larry Hanley’s Facebook Live session this week on the latest developments concerning ATU's campaign to push for improved transit worker and workstation safety you are in luck. All you have to do is go here to watch the Facebook Live session. Hanley was joined by ATU health and safety expert Brian Sherlock for a lively discussion and questions from viewers on ATU’s successful campaign to stop bus blind spot deaths, assaults on bus drivers, dangerous fumes and other dangerous worker safety issues.Watch the Facebook Live session here.

    NJ Gov. Murphy calls for more funding for NJ Transit

    After eight years under the anti-union, anti-transit, conservative reign of NJ GOP Gov. Chris Christie, it’s a new day in the Garden State under the leadership of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy. His first-year agenda calls for pumping money into mass transit and schools, and higher taxes on the wealthy. Murphy intends to make good on campaign promises such as raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, repairing the troubled NJ Transit system and providing free community college tuition. Watch this video of Gov. Murphy acknowledging that buses move more people than trains and his plan to address some complaints of riders. In addition, ATU testified at a NJ Transportation Committee meeting to introduce and pass two pieces of pro-transit legislation. Read more.

    ATU salutes members for Transit Driver Appreciation Day, Demands Fix for Major Bus Safety Issues

    ATU salutes our members for Transit Driver Appreciation Day, but is calling for changes to fix major bus safety issues endangering drivers, riders and pedestrians. “ATU members do difficult work with professionalism each day, yet vicious attacks on transit drivers, dangerous bus driver blind spots, unsafe air quality, ergonomically poor seating, and primitive steering and controls are threatening the health, safety, and lives of bus drivers, riders and everyone else on our streets,” said ATU International President Larry Hanley. Currently transit buses used in Europe address these safety issues with protective barriers, unobstructed views for bus drivers, “active” ergonomic seating, proper filtering of bus compartment air quality, and other safety features. “We are calling on transit agencies, bus manufacturers, and elected officials to adopt these well-established solutions and make our buses safe for everyone,” Hanley continued. Read more.

    Denver Local wins pay raises, bathroom breaks with new contract

    In a victory for Denver transit workers at the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Local 1001-Denver, CO, secured a strong contract that boosts worker pay and improves work conditions. The deal also calls for RTD to give bus drivers guaranteed bathroom breaks, puts $6.2 million per year into the employee pension fund and guarantees drivers would be compensated extra for working split shifts. With RTD struggling to keep and attract bus drivers and train operators, the agency hopes to attract qualified candidates. The negotiations began in October, but hit an impasse in February and the Local filed a Notice of Intent to Strike. However, state officials ruled that the union could not walk off the job, ordering both sides to enter into binding arbitration on contract talks. This led to the contract, which Local members overwhelmingly ratified. Read more.

    Cleveland Local, allies rally to 'Fix it. Fund it. Make it Fair'

    Calling for not only a fully-funded, safe, and reliable transit system, but for fare equity and the decriminalization of fare evasion, Local 268-Cleveland, OH, joined with Clevelanders for Public Transit and community allies at a rally in Public Square in downtown Cleveland. Chanting “Fix It, Fund It, Make It Fair,” protestors called for a transit levy on the November ballot and demanded action from county officials to repair the system in the midst of its death spiral. A letter being circulated for attendees to sign read "We can't afford further fare hikes and service cuts to GCRTA. I'm on calling on you, County Executive Armond Budish and Members of the RTA Board, today to raise the necessary revenue to restore GCRTA to a level of service that meets all the needs of our great community." Read more.

    People stranded in ‘transit deserts’ in dozens of US cities

    A new University of Texas study found that even cities with good public transportation have some areas of 'transit deserts,' where demand exceeds supply. In fact, transportation deserts were present to some degree in all 52 cities examined as part of the study . Not surprisingly higher income neighborhoods have better transportation options, which reinforces the continuing income inequality because it is harder to access good jobs, health care and other services. The study’s author concluded that “Ultimately federal, state and city agencies must work together to ensure an equitable distribution of transportation so that all citizens can fully participate in civil society. Identifying transit gaps is a first step toward solving this issue.” Read more.

    The latest winner of an ATU jacket is…

    Tempe/Mesa bus driver Angela Hensley of Local 1433-Phoenix, AZ. Congratulations Sister Hensley. We will announce more winners soon so sign up for your chance. All you have to do is go to, go to the bottom bar of the homepage and sign up to receive ATU email action alerts on the latest news and developments on ATU, public transportation, politics and other important issues. To enter the drawing, simply provide your e-mail, local number and zip/postal code. If you have already submitted your email you’re still signed up for the contest, simply click “Skip and Continue to Website.”

    If you would like to download a PDF version of this ATU Dispatch please Click HERE.

    Mar 03, 2018
    For the past two years, Local 1300-Baltimore, MD, has been raising the alarm on serious safety concerns about track and other maintenance issues, but the Maryland Department of Transportation has ignored them. Now the agency has shut down the entire Baltimore Metro for up to four weeks.
    Mar 24, 2018
    The ATU Tommy Douglas Center has been very busy this week. Recently-elected Local officers have been taking part in innovative trainings to learn new strategies to make their Locals stronger, and to empower members to get involved and prepare for the battles ahead.
    Mar 24, 2018
                 In another blow to Unifor’s anti-democratic raiding crusade, the legal challenge to the ATU Constitution and General Laws, filed by four ATU Local 113-Toronto, ON, members and funded in part by Unifor, came to a halt as an Ontario Judge ordered a stay of the litigation.

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